Water Lily, according to the latest umbrellas

Water Lily, according to the latest umbrellasI do not know if it just happens where I live, there is not much sun, or if we care little about the general aspect of our umbrellas, Most people opt for an advertising or buy the cheapest one you find in any store, but the umbrella, well chosen can give a touch too elegant our hammock.

This image is called water lily and design Samoa I loved it because it breaks with the classic look of a traditional umbrella, is a parasol more innovative modern and much more fitting with the style of garden furniture usually choose today.
Water Lily, according to the latest umbrellasFurthermore, Water lily not only has a shape and color, there is Samoa an extensive collection of umbrellas within the same concept among which we choose to get well together with the furniture we have in our yard, garden or terrace.

It is true that to carry to the beach is likely to remain more comfortable traditional folding umbrella, but if we have outdoor furniture permanent home for the summer, then it is time to think of something more modern this may be a good choice.

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