Wallpaper or wall stickers? The solution of Flat Vernacular


For Payton Turner and Brian Kaspr It all began in 2008 with a series of installations in which what seems to look at her from afar, a classic wallpaper with a diamond pattern, it turns out, at a closer look, painstaking work carried out by assembling an impressive thousands and thousands of small stickers. Each diamond is composed of several tiny figures applied in a perfectly symmetric: the Empire State Building and fruit gums, Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz and tennis balls, cars, glitter, Christmas trees, flowers and everything else you can imagine the figurative merge to compose the meticulous decoration.

wall stickers for Flat Vernacular
wall stickers for Flat VernacularFrom those early experience was born the brand Flat Vernacular with which the two New Yorkers produce creative crafts wallpaper, themes by mostly figurative, accompanied by a measure production of stickers to play, even on small surfaces, the effect so much fun and colorful kitsch of their original patterns.
wall stickers for Flat Vernacular

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