Wall paintings that mimic the iPhone screen icons

Wall paintings that mimic the iPhone screen iconsI will not deny I’m one of those people who do not leave home without your iPhone Because I do not remember my life before I have it and which only lacks an application I’ll carry your coffee and toast in bed every morning, I am sure many of you will agree with me, although many do not, you know it too.

The case is that icons in its screen representing the applications are very showy, their patterns and colors and that more and less familiar to them, because most of us have come to see them very often with them have become magnets for the fridge, cushions sofa … and now pictures for wall.

Maybe there should be more fan Apple than I am decorating the lounge or bedroom these pictures, actually I would not put my house but I do recognize that I find nice and maybe if you gave them to me I would not mind, maybe in a house, but in a studio or in the workplace may be original.

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