Wall hangers for small items

Wall hangers for small itemsWhen we talk about Hangers and racks often think only in great clothes, coats or jackets in general, and as much in purses and hats, but there are actually many other things that can be hung, I for example, in my bedroom I have a hanger for scarfs and scarves although it is not in sight, I have it in the closet … the objects small also can be hung and under what are even better so that saved otherwise.

For example, bracelets and necklaces, which are often stored in boxes and drawers and just messing with each other, forming knots that take hours after a break, and sometimes even breaking just one, but if we hang are much better placed and avoid such problems. Furthermore on entry the house, one may arrive and hang keys or glasses, or the clock … and besides that prevent you from forgetting to leave.

Anyway, I liked these little wall hangers, shaped branches of tree In small or in the abstract, but can play with many others I’ve seen in larger size, as I mentioned, can be ideal for receiver But also for bedroom, Surely there’re a lot of things we can hang even in the kitchen, Scissors, openers … but maybe for the kitchen I would rather another design.

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