Volcano, original exterior fireplace

Volcano, original exterior fireplaceI know we are almost summer and is starting to get hot, but where I live, in Galicia, even in summer almost nightly refreshes and does not hurt some heat if we for example have dinner and stay to chat at night in the garden. There are areas where even colder, the seasons are not equal for all, so I thought it was interesting to comment further at this time proposing a hearth of exterior.

In this case it is VolcanoA hearth so originalAvailable in three colors, red, blue and brown, very funny and attractive, perfect for modern spaces. Volcano name comes from its form although not exactly a volcano reminds to some extent.

The chimney has no problems installation, Being outdoors is much easier to place than at home and apparently we can find to work with wood, propane or natural gas fuelTo me in principle I like the wood, but perhaps other systems have better performance.

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