Vintage style details for the kitchen

Vintage style kitchenWhen we plan our interior decoration and select a decorative style like this, the vintage Not need to think about spending large sums of money to do. No need to make a complete remodeling of our home, with characteristic small details we can get this style take center stage in the decor.

Today the space chosen to share details that help to achieve this is the kitchen. We will see details vintage that will transform your entire kitchen. Many of you may have saved their accessories grandparents or great grandparents, if so it’s time to remove dust and use at home.
Vintage style kitchenAs you can see all accessories are simple, common and that many have seen in the kitchens of our grandmothers. The basket for the eggs, bottles to store multiple ingredients ….

One idea that many grandmothers used: a flat stone step of the garden as roles for cooking. Hooks for classic, vintage, a good choice for replacing plastic. An old beater to replace our modern kitchen mixers. Glasses, cups and ceramic containers in bright colors and flashy. The red, turquoise, yellow and orange colors are classics of this era.
Vintage style kitchenSugar, the tray for cakes and even the cups and plates that we use everything we have or buy vintage style. Do not forget the tablecloths, tea towels individual where flowers, polka dots and frames are true classics.

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