Up, stools with arrowhead

Up, stools with arrowheadBuy a large piece of furniture with a design very original, can be risky because it may get bored quickly, but if we talk about something small such as a stool the risk is less, plus the stool does not necessarily have a fixed place in the house, we can have some time in the classroom, carry it to the bedroom … This stools shaped arrowhead name UpI look very fun.

We can place one at a time, in pairs or in groups of more, all in line or several heights as we see in the image, are versatile and can be placed in various positions, plus you can configure them almost a small sofa with your support and all, if we put arrows higher than others, there are two colors white and red.

If I understand correctly sold couples One of each color and what we do is that I have found are a bit expensive, almost seven hundred euros, so assuming they are both, if one then I seem expensive. But either way, for those looking for something original for your home or shop and have a good budget up one of these gadgets is easy to fit in a modern, Original and fun.

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