Unconventional homes: living in a giant conch

Unconventional homes: living in a giant conchThe rooms have the shape and size determined by the structure of the house and its snail-shaped, that makes the room, for example, is not very wide, but more than enough, the end of the day in a house like this most of the time will be spent abroad. The colors elected to the cushions are a bit garish, blue water, sunshine yellow, very significant, and considering that most of the house is white, break up the monotony a bit, I do not think I had chosen,  but after all, that is, spending a few days in a house, unconventional.

The bedroom is simple, the bed is shaped shell. How could it be otherwise, both the base and headboard, and the color chosen for the entire set is off-white for my taste is a little clearer,  I think that would break with a cushion of color or carpet. It is designed to rest without distractions, colors strong relax the clear contribute energy, certainly in this case there is no distraction, but I insist that my taste is missing something, but the house was very impressive, in the bedroom are still a little lame.
Unconventional homes: living in a giant conchIn the bath yes there are a lot of details were fixed. The water has a natural link with the shells and the shells and in turn is the main protagonist of the bathroom, so the pieces that form it seems to arise naturally wall. Furthermore,, the bathroom is clear and light, against which most of us have in our apartments, indoor and dark. Especially striking are the taps shaped shells of which I leave the picture of the detail under these lines, just beautiful.
Unconventional homes: living in a giant conchMore or less elegant and decorated with varying degrees of success since then home is curious, the environment is ideal, the pool and beautiful gardens and view of the house from outside us into a world of fantasy Certainly I do not bother at all temporality spend it. I leave with some other pictures in the gallery, so you can see the exterior from different angles and see other details, and say that although I think the decor in some rooms could be improved, the idea seems excellent and overall the assessment is very positive.

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