Twitnote to tweet in the fridge

Twitnote to tweet in the fridgeSurely many of you think many times in 140 characters and it is likely that some of you have written a hash tag Pen on paper twitter has entered strongly in our lives and has exceeded the boundaries of our computer screen to sneak also in our refrigerator as the slate magnet The name of the invention Twitnote.

Reasonably priced, about twenty-five euros, perfect for give next birthday or that you have tweeters whim for yourselves, my I found very original and fun, it is also practical, leaving notes on the fridge is not a novelty, something that is usual and of course you can do as a tweet smoothly.

Of course some people seem too geek Not remove them right, but remember that just because something is the geek does not mean it’s bad at all. Can be combined with other magnets the Internet- related and social networks or not, even although you may not be very fans of refrigerator magnets, so the board is different because it has a function.

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