Transparency and color in the kitchen accessories

Transparency and color in the kitchen accessoriesI love the cheerful and accessories color for kitchen and to serve the table, and plastic I think an ideal material, does not break and if there are children at home is much safer for them to eat by themselves, help set the table and transport the food, also now in summer accessories and plastic utensils are perfect for meals outside.

I loved the new collection Zak! In addition to bright colors, added to his proposals also transparency, Say from the mark if the transparency triumph at the catwalks, they must succeed on decorating and on that basis have created a line of kitchen accessories and table, bowls, cutlery to serve.
Transparency and color in the kitchen accessoriesIn the first two images in this article, I show Opposite The line includes bowls that can be used for salads but also desserts, such as a salad and cutlery to serve the game is available in several colors, blue, green, fuchsia, orchid, orange, red … all very cheerful and perfect for a touch of color to the table and the kitchen.

However, the ones I have called attention are Helping Hands and Helping Feet, Is Servers shaped like hands and feet that can see in the picture below these lines. This is no doubt, by the way, much more original and fun, perfect for your home or to give The the price below ten euros is very affordable to detail that cause a change in any table.

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