Towel folding to save space in the bathroom

Towel folding to save space in the bathroomSpace is our major workhorse in every one of the rooms, but I have the feeling that the struggle to gain a few inches is more important in the bathroom. Today, I bring a towel folding that will save you much needed those extra inches will do.

The system is quite simple, and through an extensible bar can hang up to three towels if necessary, while folds when you only need to use one. As you see, is a pure simple idea makes us wonder why we had not occurred to us first.

It measures 63 by 28 cm wide when extended, and opens like drawers. I think I want one, although I have not decided which room to put it. It costs just over 33 euros plus shipping Quirky But sure there is some towel folding in any hardware store like Spanish.

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