Toskana, profiles for textured ceramics

Toskana, profiles for textured ceramicsFor many years the only chance we had to finish the joints of the tiles in the corners  was to make the miter cuts, totally handcrafted work that if we left in the hands of the installer does not always get the desired result from breaking, and completion time and if you encargábamos factory direct ordering of pottery we could go out an arm and a leg.

With time and the gradual disappearance of master masons, whose children studied for lawyers, began to appear a fairly simple plastic profiles to place, first in black and then the most requested colors, like beige or blue.

Currently we can choose from a variety of angles and corners, even in metallic finishes, which had never seen until now were textured profilesAs they presented to us Schlüter-Systems.

The new models are called Toskana and come in warm colors and lands, with textured surfaces inspired by nature, seem to be the perfect complement to the ceramic and natural stone. Its color and texture are achieved through solid cast metal particles, then making a double seal designed to confer maximum durability. If you like and have available in beige, gray and bronze and measures 8, 10 and 12.5 mm.

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