The wooden terrace and glass

wooden terrace and glassThe simple transformation of a space can bring with you the ease of changing modes and other elements that can further improve your lifestyle, thereby improving your surrounding space.

The transformation of this terrace, so spectacular, increases the desire to change or modify other elements until you reach new and exciting forms of space. The design of this terrace is the study by London’s DOS Architects, The terrace is an extension of a Georgian house in Islington in 1850 London. The entire first floor of the residence was renovated and a terrace of glass containing the kitchen and the dining room was added.
wooden terrace and glassNatural light floods the terrace and the interior space is not at all disturbing the existing structure, but only enhancing its natural beauty.

The Duncan Terrace, as it is called, allows residents to enjoy the fresh air, surrounded by woods and the addition of the glass enhances the places that surround and surround it, the terrace is part of the surrounding nature and both are enhanced each other.

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