The versatile chair Kitmen Keung

versatile chair Kitmen KeungHere’s a novelty that can be achieved through two asymmetrical parts of a cube. The designer Kitmen Keung has made a simple experiment and the result could not be more practical than this.
versatile chair Kitmen KeungThe piece of furniture is called Dual cut and consists of an armchair and an ottoman that can in turn be linked together to form a third, which can be a desk or table. The design is thought to have a piece that is very functional and is made with materials who reduce waste, even in production processes.versatile chair Kitmen KeungThe ottoman-chair has two seats and ergonomically comfortable with an angle of 6 degrees and one of 23, well able to form a single-seater with a small table, a chaise lounge or entrance hall table or console, for example, by very clean and linear forms.

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