The stylish lamp made from wastematerials

stylish lamp made from wastematerialsThis type of lighting is Particularly versatile. The Ledge Hanging Lamp by designer is Tim Wigmore, who created this lamp reminding modern society That You Can recreate, remodel via condemned materials, Reusing and creating new objects.

A recycled aluminum frame Holds together the structure of the lamp, creating a good light That Can Be Positioned on the wall in a corner of the lamp, Also used as a desk lamp or table, and hanging above the corner reading area. Also useful for the dining table or desk.
stylish lamp made from wastematerialsThe use is primarily yours,the design lends Itself to many possibilities. It ‘end of a light, Which is designed for the environment by recycling other materials. The Ledge Lamp Helps to change our perception and always creating our environment with new ITS versatility and Its Ways of furniture. I Can Do That our imagination can always be new, bold and playful.

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