The shower palm Domett

shower palm DomettThis particular shower can be can decorate the outside of a pool or a large terrace. It ‘is exclusively classified as outdoor shower, built by the Italian company Domett, has particular practical and style all in one. The palm is collapsible shower, inspired by the palm trees and their long-throw line with its trunk and foliage, the leaves are six that can be customized depending on the type of shower you like, more or less intense project, adjusting the sprinkler system.
shower palm DomettWhen not in use, the leaves can be folded protecting the entire structure from strong winds and bad weather. This shower is designed for all lovers of technology, it is equipped with a remote control to use its many features are available using the iPhone or iP touch via Wi-Fi to open, close the leaves, turn on, turn off the water, cryotherapy, and set the LED lighting, running the sound system – an MP3 player, radio tuner, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth receiver, speakers, amplifications – all waterproof.
shower palm DomettSeveral different color ranges of the shower, the pearl white, metallic silver, gold, black. The shower while enjoying and having integrated many functions in its linearity is very clean and simple in the form.

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