The runner up to a vase with your flowers

The runner up to a vase with your flowersIt’s certainly not the epitome of elegance, but has a style as fun,  this vase corridor,  clearly inspired by drawings animated,  looks set to run away with the flowers from one moment to another. If you like flowers decorate every room in the house, this may be the ideal container to be placed, for example, in the nursery.

Furthermore, in the hall or even in an office or workplace to make it look casual,  today there are vases for flowers of the most diverse and all sorts of ways, and you can serve not only to lay flowers, but also pens and pens on a table or covered in the kitchen.
The runner up to a vase with your flowersA lot it has reminded me of a character cartoon, in particular, though I have the assurance that the design has been inspired by it.

I do not know if you will agree with me or not, but I to me that the creator of this vase was thinking of Pluto at the time of design, the beloved dog of Mickey Mouse that such a good time given to us in short animation,  the color, and I would say running from that has inspired him, do not you think?

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