The riddle decorative Friday plunger

The riddle decorative Friday plungerJune began with good weather and a new riddle. How each Friday we propose today a new decorative item for home, so that together we try to guess it is. How you see is an object of wood that to me by the way reminds me of a plungerBut obviously not.

How tracks I will say that is intended for the nursery and although not very decorative to the eye, is extremely likely that it will be for another of our senses. Add that this is a design Japanese, If it helps you to guide you … I think this time we’ve become very easy.
The riddle decorative Friday plungerYou know, no marks, no names, just say that it is, as always in a few hours we will have solutionHappy weekend everyone.

As most of you have said, this is a bell. In fact part of a series of three bells of Japanese design, which have been created including pieces music boxes children, so smooth and simple, decorated to the eye and the ear.

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