The riddle decorative Friday: Little Secret

The riddle decorative Friday: Little SecretHow could it be otherwise, we welcome the month of July a new riddle in DecoesferaWe have to guess what is inside this box that hides a small great secret.

The box has legs that can give us a good track, serves to make her something that is more comfortable than being at a certain height. Can be used inside the home, but I think it is more advisable to use now that summer is outdoor, Perhaps in the gardenPerhaps even on a patio or a terrace, alone or in company, sure you can benefit substantially.
The riddle decorative Friday: Little SecretAs usual in a few hours we will have solution, Remember that we must not include links in comments, so that other readers can continue the game, happy weekend and good month for everyone.

As always, many hits from your comments, we will check what secret was hidden in this box. Indeed, as many of you have guessed it was a kitchen, Perhaps best used in outdoorOr we can take the kitchen outside, but in small apartments or studios can be used to replace a conventional cooking, because without doubt take up much less space, a great little idea.

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