The new house sustainable design for Barbie

The new house sustainable design for BarbieIf the architecture modernizes and home change in both design as in technology, the kind of energy they use and their current requirements as to sustainability house Barbie one would expect, therefore, from the appearance of Barbie architect, has held a competition for designers to their new home among several proposed projects, is looking for the doll house out of date.

Finally, the project won the contest organized by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) has been the architects Li Ting and Maja Paklar, A house in various heights as shown in the image, which on the lower floors have common areas, kitchen, lounge, meeting places … and the highest private spaces, bedrooms, bathroom, also has terraces and even a small greenhouse on the top floor.

In addition to the modern design and the pink case of Barbie cannot  miss the house is responsible to the environment in the sense that you have solar panels, efficient irrigation systems for greenhouse accessories to control water faucets and flush … and everything you can imagine. Add that the house has been designed to be placed facing the beach Maibú… I want one when I grow up well as always giving ideas for Barbie dream.

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