The new door design Aldena Of Light

new door design Aldena Of LightCustom hand-crafted by rolling and cold forming of a metal strip, the inner doors of the series are characterized by the DOL Aldena profiles minimized to increase the amount of light while minimizing the visual clutter of frames.

The use of precious materials like bronze, brushed steel, polished steel, cor-ten steel and painted steel doors can make can be noticed without dominating furnishings environment. With these solutions are obtained while maintaining high performance and very clean shape in solid structures. The essential design adapts to any architectural style, from the historical to contemporary with rustic.

The DOL doors Aldena fitted as standard with a clear laminated glass with seals and may mount the new invisible hinges with magnetic locks. They can be customized with many types of glazing with opening and configured to lift-slide, swing, sliding inside the wall and sliding outside the wall to one or two doors.

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