The moon turned into a rug

The moon turned into a rugThe Moon has inspired the design of a few lamps. The moon lit our nights in a natural and logical that it is so creative source of ideas for lamps, but the design always takes a step further, and this time has become the moon in an original carpet.

I really like carpets round But still not very common in homes, some are even beginning to venture with them in classrooms, entrances and bedrooms and are increasingly carpet designs are circular, in this case, as a carpet inspired by the moon form could not be another, but I think it gives a lot of play.

Depending on the type of furniture that combines, can fit into any space, in a lounge classic style, like a more modern, in a bedroom child can add a mural of stars and decorate with subject space and universe, this carpet can be the starting point for fantasy environments to some extent, since few of us ever tread a place that is Earth.

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