The library of colored students in Melbourne

The library of colored students in MelbourneThis is the new library for students in Melbourne, made under the auspices of the Australian Government and public education. The study of DKO Architecture was commissioned to design the library for students.

The library is innovative in its kind since the new current is a space that may contain printing, paper, books, and especially the audio and video materials in many formats. The nature of the project is particularly complex, the architects have the task of meeting the challenges posed by changing technology, creating and designing their own spaces.
The library of colored students in MelbourneBesides having a commitment to a space that is as dynamic appreciated by pupils of elementary schools. The quality of light and the clever uses of space are paramount. A particular and careful consideration is given to the management of the areas of internal traffic and noise control.
The library of colored students in MelbourneIt should be the study of architecture the ability to have created a library for children who encourages student interaction, and is accepted in a quiet studio, this space and the design and colors used in the project will create a focus on the study for boys attend the library, and that will always be more willing to explore, study, reading.

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