The interiors of a luxury penthouse in Sydney

interiors of luxury penthouse in SydneyThis penthouse is on the top floor of a historic building in Sydney, in front of a very famous beach for surfers, and has been restored from the study Brian Meyerson Architects.

The intent was to merge with the past of the structure, however, creating something completely new and modern, which convey a distinct sense of luxury and respect the rules of minimalism.
interiors of luxury penthouse in SydneyThe interiors of this penthouse are bright and sparkling, the abundant natural light is reflected on the shiny white walls and furniture used for and the most obvious, represented using  panels of various geometric shapes to cover walls and ceilings, making the ‘ interior design in its own way unique.

Also interesting is the solution to multiply further light, space and light in the kitchen, with the base of the large island covered with mirrors, which seem to float in the monolithic slab of marble that covered them.

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