The interior ‘space’ of the offices of “The Supergroup” created by the study AI3

interior of the Supergroup officesAnd the study by the Atlanta AI3, Which dealt with the same interior design of the new hall at the Holiday Inn, the design of this office to the marketing agency “The Supergroup”.
interior of the Supergroup officesInspiration is all in the imagination of science fiction films and TV series: the corridor of the main entrance seems to come out of “2001 A Space Odyssey” by Kubrick, Complete with a monolith with the logo of the group right at the end of the tunnel. The doors of the conference room instead, are a clear citation of the rooms of the USS Enterprise Star Trek.
interior of the Supergroup officesA very characteristic series of choices, but they can add value to the architecture of the place: the need to accommodate employees and customers. The first with the perception of being part of a futuristic reality, the latter involved in a collaboration that has already an experience in itself.

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