The interior design of the Club Silencio by David Lynch

interior design of the Club SilencioAnd ‘encounter unusual interior design of a room designed by a director, yet neither is it so difficult to understand why a mind such as David Lynch might have designed the interiors and all the furniture of the ’50s inspired a room like this.

First, because the Club Silencio embodies the atmosphere of Lynch’s cult film, Mulholland Drive, and second because a director is also the one who imagines and feels before the rest of the film that creates environments. You could say that the director is basically a builder, an architect of other worlds and other atmospheres.
interior design of the Club SilencioSeen in this way, therefore, the design of this restaurant in Paris, in collaboration with Raphael Navot, can only be the natural consequence of a particularly gifted genius bar, restaurant, private club, stage, film and art library. A place of cultural encounter, but also light, stimulating but also mysterious, Silencio has just been opened in the Rue Montmartre, the heart of Parisian nightlife.

It has already promised an enchanting atmosphere, fascinating, almost surreal, to give special trips of one night and into the fiction so exciting and now a real movie, then come back to life every day … or maybe not.

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