The house was built around the pool

house around the poolBlue Jay Way Residence comes from McClean and Design is located in Los Angeles, California, USA. According to the architects, clients wanted a house built around a central pool, the starting point in the design of this house.

At the top level of the house the water element becomes a decorative element. The entrance is a very appealing view of the host, is a glass bridge above the pool below. The house is divided inside it in half, but the structure is outlined from the pool, bedrooms and study with bedroom and living area to the public from the living room, dining area and kitchen.
house around the poolThe living room and bedroom are to the city and it seems that the city with its lights and colors face background. At the first level of the house there are several bedrooms, a media room and four-car garage.

The palette is soft and contemporary materials, the cement is widely used wood and stone. The house has a panoramic view of Los Angeles, Santa Monica, the Pacific and Catalina Island.

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