The elegance comes in paper cups

The elegance comes in paper cupsIt’s summer. The temperature is nice and like going out to eat garden or terrace and sharing food with family and friends are taking advantage of vacation, but having to remove the dishes,  wash and store at each meeting is a nuisance on especially if we eat outside the house, dishes and glasses of paper or plastic is a solution that many choose in such cases.

At the end of the day includes all in garbage bags and placed in the appropriate container, if we are responsible for separating the waste, this need not be a greater evil to our environment that the expenditure of water needed to wash any dishes, the only penalty is losing elegance on the table,  but there are designers who want to help avoid this problem, and it is designed cups, plates and cups made ​​of cardboard that if we do not look much to look real they look.

The design here is a proposal to Rebecca Wilson Ceramics,  clearly inspired by models of cups and cups ceramic classic style is, you can buy a model nearly identical to this one but made ​​from porcelain.  I really think it’s great that more and more models of glasses and disposable plates, and that we have every weekend a different field for the dishes, changing styles and colors to suit the occasion.

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