The design of the health service: hospitals decoration

The design of the health service: hospitals decorationThe theme of the decoration of the hospitals may be somewhat controversial. Some believe that the d?cor is superfluous, superficial and yet for all the health is the critical and very delicate condition. In my opinion, but worry about the choice of expensive furniture design may be unnecessary, create a pleasant atmosphere, and it is not, so I think that hospitals and health centers should be better decorated, and I am pleased to see that many reforms and changes are made ​​in this regard.
The design of the health service: hospitals decorationThis time I found an example that might be an exaggeration, but before judging the style and color is important to contextual and clarify that it is a unit of young cancer patients, adolescents to be more exact, the hospital belonging is in England and the work of design and decoration is the study Twocreate.  Before deciding on the decoration have spoken to patients and have taken into account your tastes, opinions and ideas.

They have decorated halls,  rooms,  halls of chemotherapy, bathrooms … People with cancer and other diseases, spend time in-hospital  receiving treatment. The mood is important in the healing process and how to cope with illness and a pleasant environment helps improve mood.
The design of the health service: hospitals decorationI am totally in favor of the hospitals are decorated according to the taste of people, no one is home. That’s obvious, but when we travel, we also choose a well-decorated  hotel and we like the rooms and common areas pleasant and welcoming and a hospital should not be less in this regard.

I leave you in the gallery photos of this young oncology unit, with furniture of SCP,  Vitra and other firms, too, some designed, especially for the hospital and a curious detail, which are vinyl and removable from allowed patients to customize decorating your space, to some extent, temporarily.

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