The interior ‘space’ of the offices of “The Supergroup” created by the study AI3

interior of the Supergroup offices

And the study by the Atlanta AI3, Which dealt with the same interior design of the new hall at the Holiday Inn, the design of this office to the marketing agency “The Supergroup”. Inspiration is all in the imagination of science fiction films and TV series: the corridor of the main entrance seems to come […]

Mocheni offices in Beijing

Mocheni offices

The Architects & Engineers Mocheni has renovated a building in Beijing in 1980 to transform it into a modern and functional office. For the Chinese it is a building “historic” and so the renovations could not affect the original structure. Interior design, clean and sometimes even minimal, is clearly inspired by nature, its shapes, colors, […]

Accessories Karim Rashid for the desktop

Accessories Karim Rashid for the desktop

The accessories of the desk are among my favorite add-ones for home and office, at some point have been for me almost a vice, now I have so many, I have slowed down the pace of purchase, and Karim Rashid is one of my designers preferred, so he designed this collection of tools for the […]

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