Vintage style details for the kitchen

Vintage style kitchen

When we plan our interior decoration and select a decorative style like this, the vintage Not need to think about spending large sums of money to do. No need to make a complete remodeling of our home, with characteristic small details we can get this style take center stage in the decor. Today the space […]

New Scandinavia ideas for your kitchen

Scandinavia ideas for your kitchen

As you can see from the photos, the kitchens are mostly decorated with different and additional elements, such as carpets, stools, chairs from the various colors, elements, color and style from the same homogeneous, contrasting floor by strong characters and dark contrast and opposes the kitchen cabinets white and pale. The proposed gallery with 30 […]

Simple banana cutter

Simple banana cutter

Eating fruit is healthy eating. It is that these foods provide high quality and quantity of nutrients, and the summer is a great time of the year to eat. As if to prepare it, I’ve found an ideal product for those who choose to eat a banana . This is the Banana Cutter, a cutter […]

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