Australian Eucalyptus Refuge

Australian eucalyptus Refuge between

In Australia Between the vegetation of eucalyptus, there is a beautiful refuge where you can relax and breathe fresh air, something increasingly difficult in large cities. This is one of a house contemporary perfect for enjoying a well-deserved vacation. The property is set high on the escarpment above beach and nestled into the glorious park. […]

The house was built around the pool

house around the pool

Blue Jay Way Residence comes from McClean and Design is located in Los Angeles, California, USA. According to the architects, clients wanted a house built around a central pool, the starting point in the design of this house. At the top level of the house the water element becomes a decorative element. The entrance is […]

How to prepare for the arrival of winter house

prepare for the arrival of winter house

Few months until the arrival of winter, we should organize ourselves and start thinking outside temperatures are much colder, so we should be ready to accept the cold days making sure that our homes will be heated, heating it will be a priority in our homes. And ‘think about how to save energy and money […]

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