Australian Eucalyptus Refuge

Australian eucalyptus Refuge between

In Australia Between the vegetation of eucalyptus, there is a beautiful refuge where you can relax and breathe fresh air, something increasingly difficult in large cities. This is one of a house contemporary perfect for enjoying a well-deserved vacation. The property is set high on the escarpment above beach and nestled into the glorious park. […]

The stylish lamp made from wastematerials

stylish lamp made from wastematerials

This type of lighting is Particularly versatile. The Ledge Hanging Lamp by designer is Tim Wigmore, who created this lamp reminding modern society That You Can recreate, remodel via condemned materials, Reusing and creating new objects. A recycled aluminum frame Holds together the structure of the lamp, creating a good light That Can Be Positioned […]

House for lovers of skateboarding

House for lovers of skateboarding

I must admit I’m not a great athlete and that my balance is not good, and I fall even walking in a straight line, but I am fascinated by artists who get on a skateboard and start doing pirouettes taking advantage of the furniture. I like how they get up but fall (and seem not […]

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