Australian Eucalyptus Refuge

Australian eucalyptus Refuge between

In Australia Between the vegetation of eucalyptus, there is a beautiful refuge where you can relax and breathe fresh air, something increasingly difficult in large cities. This is one of a house contemporary perfect for enjoying a well-deserved vacation. The property is set high on the escarpment above beach and nestled into the glorious park. […]

Bohemian Style Furniture

Bohemian Style: Chic Room Décor There are certainly different ways of making your room greatly decorated. You should know that in order for you to do so, you should also be aware of different styles of designing your room. You must keep in mind that if you would narrow your awareness of different room décor […]

The library of colored students in Melbourne

The library of colored students in Melbourne

This is the new library for students in Melbourne, made under the auspices of the Australian Government and public education. The study of DKO Architecture was commissioned to design the library for students. The library is innovative in its kind since the new current is a space that may contain printing, paper, books, and especially […]

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