Hammock Indoor Swing Chair for a Fine Summer

Have you ever thought of spending your day in a more relaxed manner? Can you imagine how perfect it would be lying down with your indoor swing chair?  If not, you can look into the different hammock pictures and that will surely encourage of you of taking a day of relaxation. At least when you […]

“Fluid Ribbon Chair”: the ergonomic chair Michael D’Amato

Fluid Ribbon Chair

Curious that so captivating design comes from a biomechanical engineer, and yet the idea for this “Fluid Ribbon Chair” was born when Michael D’Amato was asked by his brother, to design an ergonomic chair for his back problems . D’Amato has worked since the creation of an object whose design departed from a single block, […]

The versatile chair Kitmen Keung

versatile chair Kitmen Keung

Here’s a novelty that can be achieved through two asymmetrical parts of a cube. The designer Kitmen Keung has made a simple experiment and the result could not be more practical than this. The piece of furniture is called Dual cut and consists of an armchair and an ottoman that can in turn be linked […]

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