Bathroom Furniture: Assessing Your Washroom’s Best Design

Your house would somehow be the epitome of what you really are. Do you often hear people say that once they see that your house is unclean, you also have an unorganized personality? On the other hand, they would prefer you manageable to be with if you have a perfectly ordered placement of things in […]

Osmos, innovative design for a new concept in bathroom

innovative design for a new concept in bathroom

Glass reads in the key space and completely new bathroom concept, featuring Osmos, the new furniture system multifunction modules designed by hanging LucidiPevereFor the composition of spaces hammams, shower areas, shower areas and systems of bathroom furniture. The two young designers have wanted to overthrow the typical interpretation of the shower, an environment that the […]

Axa has 138 accessories for the bathroom sculpture

Axa accessories for bathroom

Protrude directly from the wall at an angle of 138 ° sinks, toilets and bidets line accessories bath that takes its name from this measure, designed by Roman Adolini for Axa. With a generous basin, the basin 138 is particularly convenient Axa despite the minimum measures (40, 50 and 60 × 40 cm deep) with […]

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