Some ideas to decorate for Halloween

ideas to decorate for HalloweenWe are getting ready to celebrate HalloweenAnd for those looking for original ideas and different for the interior decoration and outdoor aquñi have 10 new ideas for Prera ​​yet for the celebration.

We can decorate our outdoor in various ways, the first idea will be seen as using plastic skeletons, have been placed on the edge of a bed and have been “dressed” party. It is an idea that we loved to see it, is original and funny at once.
ideas to decorate for HalloweenThe columns and other ways we can decorate the house style tulle fabric holes and other breaks. Ideally black or gray. The plants can decorate them with a cotton or similar to mimic the spider webs. An exterior decorated with mummies, tombstones and candles …. I’m a little afraid not??

This idea is horrors and funny at once. It has been simulated on the lawn of the house a lot of fun lies dead in the sun!. Those who do not like a lot of skeletons, spiders and so on, placing pumpkins in various parts of the exterior is an abuse option.
ideas to decorate for HalloweenAnother wonderful idea and original, his eyes lit rats and a friendly greeting from his tombstone. This is a simple idea. Sticks or poles together, old sheets and balloons decorated as the heads of these ghosts. Painted gourds, a crown of thorns and twigs at the entrance to the house. Another simple idea for the garden, a wheelbarrow full of dirt and some bones of the skeleton.

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