Sleeping under the sea

Sleeping under the seaUnder the sea under the sea, live mermaid being happy, you’re happy … would be the perfect song to song hum in this room that allows us to dream sleeping under the sea.

Usually it is a famous restaurant in the Maldives offering 16 tables in a conservatory to meters deep in the midst of a coral reef. However, to celebrate the fifth anniversary, the restaurant has become a wonderful suite for two people in which we sleep surrounded by fish, Sharks, rays (of which do not harbor) and another wildlife that inhabits the reef. The decor is understated and elegant, but I doubt anyone noticed her having such a spectacle over their heads.

I have not managed to find out the price to be paid to spend a night there, but it sure is beyond the reach of ordinary mortals. Now if there is extra money, safe to sleep under the sea is an unforgettable experience. The rest had to settle for a nap in a glass tunnel aquarium or take a nap with my head stuck to the bowl.

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