Shelves with a cloud

Shelves with a cloudIn the same signature as the shelf with polar bear and animal-shaped consoles, I needed to talk about shelves shaped clouds That in addition to the entire collection, are probably the easiest pieces to integrate into a normal house. The bear is the too big shelf, it is possible that many console spend a little original, but the cloud shelves is perfect for any bedroom.

I had seen the shelving in my room of Hotel L’Echappée BelleThe shelf went there to play with a mural in the headboard, a giant photograph of a sky with clouds, but it is necessary to coordinate with more clouds, the shelf can be incorporated as a single element to a room with any decorative theme, or without any item.
Shelves with a cloudThe color is white Very fashionable this color in the furniture today and also can be placed on a painted wall color bright contrasting, can be blue, to mimic the sky, or any other color if we want a result with more fantasy. Regardless of its form shelving is perfectly functional and is available in two sizes To choose the most appropriate in terms of where we want to place, is perfect as a complement wall to a desk.

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