Seat, stool and magazine rack, three in one

Seat, stool and magazine rack, three in oneJust need to add a spotlight to get the perfect reading nook, furniture image belongs to the firm Jongform and is called BookLogical, and it is more representative than is the fact that along the back includes a small magazine where we can put some newspaper or a book.

Moreover, the set consists of the seat itself in which to sit comfortably and footstool to put your feet up at rest, or could also be used as seat time complementary, can act as poofAnd even as small table assistant to place on a tray or support it something else.

In fact what is footstool can be put forward if we want to support the foot or side of the chair if you want to use any of its other possible functions. At least I’ve seen orange and brown, but I guess there will be no problem to get other colorsThe truth is that it seems very comfortable and practical.

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