Salice of K8, art radiators

Salice of K8, art radiatorsAlthough we still lack enough in summer and to return the cold and turning on your heating The most forward looking, and think in this day and will be radiators that will provide heat in your home during the cold season, for them K8 offers suggestions as Salice A radiator artistic and sculptural.

The trend radiator is clearly present, if before hiding with simulated wood trim or similar consoles, today what is intended is to radiators in themselves a form attractive Decorative and in that sense, there are proposals for almost every taste, some more classic and more modern, that of K8 can fit into any space, simple and has a little effect on neutral decor.

This allows us to enjoy all the advantage heating without compromising the beauty, and it does not determine where we place the radiator does not have to go in the corner at the least be seen, but on the contrary, we can put it next to the couch or bad well site, to give us heat as close to our position possible.

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