Return to the classic dishes

Return to the classic dishesDressed’ is the name of this tableware that Marcel WandersHas created for AlessiSome claim that this design is modern and minimalist, yet I see the dishes of the most ClassicalIn fact I remember one that was in my grandmother’s house, probably for more than thirty years, the eye, that does not mean I do not like the contrary, I see very elegant.

Sometimes everything is cyclical in design, if you were years in fashion china white porcelain works, then its edge in gold or silver tableware and flowers and other pictures, then pass through the square shapes and even introduced the color black … it is quite natural that soon return to the white and worked, but naturally adapted to our times and current tastes.

And that is what this proposed Wanders dishes, a return to classic reinvented with current knowledge, to me as I really liked has been the result is an elegant and delicate dishes, we can introduce the color at the table with the tablecloth, white china and with-everything we can change the appearance of table much more frequently, and always the tableware in white I found a great idea.

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