Rattan lamps For the summer house

Rattan lamps For the summer houseAmong the most important materials for the manufacture of furniture and summer are undoubtedly fibers vegetables Today also synthetic mimic, but rattan of lamp’s photo is for real. This collection of lamps is called NUO, and I found perfect for any environment, but especially for indoor or porch in a summer house.

Apparently, the designer lamps Kenyon YehTraveled to Indonesia, to see firsthand how the artisans there worked the Rattan of banana leaves, and to apply their learning in the techniques of making your new collection. The result has been a nice set of several lamps of different shapes and sizes to choose from.

I find it interesting that although most of the light will come out the bottom where the lamp is open, it is very likely that among the fibers remain small holes through which you can also pour some light that can lead to shadows and nice about him, actually I am more than sure it will.

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