Raining lights, rain on your Swarovski carpet

Raining lights, rain on your Swarovski carpetWhat a beautiful name for a carpetWell, for a carpet or anything in general, Raining lights, Light rain … and how do you get that effect? it is very simple, for example with small crystals Swarovski embedded, at least so Sahrai achieved in this case.

The idea is to concentrate the greatest possible number of crystals Swarovski on one side of the carpet and then go to the other end by reducing the density, a heterogeneous distribution to achieve a dynamic effect that would otherwise not be achieved, the fund dark makes brightness the stones stand out even more if possible.

The image on these lines you have the detail of how small crystals are embedded in the tissue  the carpet, the question I have is if it will be ruined by stepping on them, and done much to shine a carpet and have to use it, and if the stones will not fall over time, however well subject they are … I have my doubts, I get the impression that the carpet is very nice but also very delicate.

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