Pros and cons of silverware that defy gravity

Pros and cons of silverware that defy gravityMy physical part has really enjoyed this covered, but my decorative part, something he has said he would not be a good idea to use them, so I decided to do a little analysis of pros and cons about it. Clearly, in the manufacturing process has accumulated as many masses in the area that used to eat and not in the grip, so the cutlery which has center of gravity displaced, are well placed when on the table, as shown in the photo.

That is the advantage that when we want to take them, to secure the area is already high, and it seems it can facilitate the Let’s get more comfortably, which even has its charms, is not very necessary because most of us are perfectly capable of separating the tablecloth without great difficulty.

The disadvantage Obviously, if we support them in the cloth after use, or dirty, staining and not a little, so we have to support them on a plate or a suitable support and if so, any shed, if not defy gravity, and is easy to catch. In short, in my opinion, almost more useful would otherwise accumulate weight in the handle, so we could do without support or support them in the cloth without staining.

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