Pendant lamps shaped like a pumpkin

Pendant lamps shaped pumpkinThe design of these lamps is based in Copenhagen, he is busy design studio KOMPLOT, making the hanging lamps named Calabash.

This lighting system has a shape reminiscent of a pumpkin in a particular way, or bottles of Indian, it can serve as lampshades as well as vases. In fact this is explained by the design team Danish Design KOMPLOT, “The function of a shade is to contain the light and then reflect it.
Pendant lamps shaped pumpkinBut the shade is in the room when the light is off, so its function is to be a beautiful object, much to attract attention to herself even when turned off. But the shape of the lamp is soft and Calabash is a kind of suspended sculpture that has a double convex surface and a convex mirror and reflects the entire room. It ‘available in four modern finishes silver, gold, red and black. The hanging lamps are made of the polished aluminum mirror and then lacquered.

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