Parawall, a practical modular space separator

Parawall, a practical modular space separatorIncreasingly common in the small houses that have open space inside to be mixed in various environments, it may even have its charm at times, but sometimes need a little privacy and intimacy at home have a separator of spaces as Parawall May be a good solution in such cases.

The idea is to use a structure wood consists of several parts that can unite and conform to consumer tastes. We make the costs is completely opaque open areas or stop seeing through them and especially to allow the free flow of light natural, as if it were windows.
Parawall, a practical modular space separatorWe may also place shelves in these open areas, framed as in a box, that allow us to put even a few ornaments, almost like a conventional shelf, the question is to use the separator spaces so functional and yet still something decorative.
Parawall, a practical modular space separatorIt can be placed anywhere room In the bedroom closet to separate a bed in the room to separate the couch and TV in the dining room or work area. We can have it placed in a way permanent or place solely for temporal when at home visits or other circumstances we do need.

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