Outdoor beds for your dreams of outdoor summer

Outdoor beds for your dreams of outdoor summerIt’s summer and you have to enjoy it, we holiday or not, there is always time to relax outdoors, especially for those who have a large garden The trend of beds of exterior may be a good idea. We have only a small balcony. We will have to settle keep dreaming or enjoy at times in the odd hotel.

On the market, a lot of outdoor bed models, also called Day bed Today I show you some of Unopiu, The ones I have drawn attention for its design, starting CocoonIn the image that leads the post, which I liked because it is circular and very versatile, because it has accessories who allow you to mount in place a table, provides privacy and protects us from the sun, but at the same time allows us to enjoy the outdoors.
Outdoor beds for your dreams of outdoor summerWe see in the picture on these lines is called Sunlac and is made with a fiber synthetic high quality resistant to atmospheric agents covering the structure of aluminum, is available in two colors, white and chocolate brown. This may be for my taste, too bad. I know that’s the idea, but I think I prefer something more versatile.
Outdoor beds for your dreams of outdoor summerIn the picture below these lines is CapriceThe design is made of galvanized steel sheet in white, in this case, but is also available in graphite. It is an advantage and can be used as a bed or seat, in this sense offers more options than before and its structure is well prepared to accommodate pots where we put our favorite flowers, always so happy decorating.

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