Outdoor bed

Outdoor bedThe truth is that had not shown such floor cushions giants until this year, not long ago, I found them on the terrace of a cafe in a park in the Netherlands by a river and it seemed a great idea. It was not the same model, but it was something like this is particularly the outdoor bed designed by Marine Peyre.

The idea is simple, a lot of cushions stitched together to get a soft and comfortable surface that can be used in outdoorBut also inside the house, of course. The whole is surrounded by a rope allows us to deform to adopt different positions is a matter of keep trying until we more comfortable with that we find it.

My only question in this case is how do you washBecause obviously, and especially if the shade for outdoor use, these textiles require frequent cleaning and although I understand that the fabric is easy to wash, complicated by the size I put it in the washing machine, perhaps you can remove parts, but will have to send it to you professionally cleaned and that idea I do not like both .

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