Oud now! Furniture mix the new with the old

Oud now! Furniture mix the new with the oldTo me these furniture of OUD NOW! that blend old with new not just convince me, but it can happen as with many other things, if you end up putting in fashion contrasts of style within a cabinet, I’ll get used to seeing them end up liking, but then you probably already are about to go out of style.

Yes, I tend to like the contrasts in style within the same room, such as in the dining room table modern chairs classic or vice versa, although these combinations are not always made with the same success, because they are complicated, but within the same cabinet, I find too shocking if you happen to many people like me, you may use from spreading.
Oud now! Furniture mix the new with the oldThe proposed OUD NOW! is simple, just about bringing both sides to create a single storage cabinet, the base is modern and upper old In fact this can make everyone in your house, you compare a table of Ikea and placed over a piece of antique furniture that gets at home or at a flea market.
Oud now! Furniture mix the new with the oldYou have to choose well colors and sizes So that the contrast in style, there is at least some agreement, and who likes different things and to call attention can fit in the living room or bedroom, there have been other attempts with legs and bodies of different styles, but most have not fully set.

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